Ellen Boulanger

I began oil painting after working with fused glass. The story is long and complicated as to why I left fused glass for another medium. I began plein air painting 10 years ago. Over the past decade my work has become looser and the paint thicker.

Basically, I am a self taught oil painter, although I have taken numerous painting classes and attended plein air workshops from Bay Area artists. As a plein air artist, I paint the views that surround me to capture a moment in time, whether seasonal, time of day, or manmade transformation. I paint to give voice to the pigments applied to my canvas, each painting a challenge and a never ending learning experience. I paint to bring my love of color and bush stroke to those who enjoy the music it conveys.

Most recently, I've been painting non-representational art and find the experience of pushing the paint around is a way to connect with my inner feelings.